Does it mutate 😱


No mutation


The toSpliced() method of Array instances is the copying version of the splice() method. It returns a new array with some elements removed and/or replaced at a given index.


const months = ["Jan", "Mar", "Apr", "May"];

// Inserting an element at index 1
const months2 = months.toSpliced(1, 0, "Feb");
console.log(months2); // ["Jan", "Feb", "Mar", "Apr", "May"]

// Deleting two elements starting from index 2
const months3 = months2.toSpliced(2, 2);
console.log(months3); // ["Jan", "Feb", "May"]

// Replacing one element at index 1 with two new elements
const months4 = months3.toSpliced(1, 1, "Feb", "Mar");
console.log(months4); // ["Jan", "Feb", "Mar", "May"]

// Original array is not modified
console.log(months); // ["Jan", "Mar", "Apr", "May"]```